During the time of new development, we always focus on the
new functionality of the website, Go-live date, content population, UAT,
production.. etc etc..

But sometime we forget to consider some common
non-functional requirement of the project which could be very painful during
the maintainability phase of the project , for example – how to implement 301
redirection rules through Sitecore only? What happens if we have unused media items over the period of
time – it could be in GBs? And many more.

If your site is content heavy and business is very dynamic
to upload the heavy content in day to day operation, then we might come up with
the below issues:

  • Too many media library items which is not in used, historical and unreferenced items  
  • Too many version of the Sitecore content Items, which is not using and cause the performance issue.
  • Stale Content
  • URL redirection – you must have some URL which needs to redirect to some new Sitecore pages
  • Analysis the log, you must have some error logs on production, that needs to analyze through Sitecore logs

Today I am discussing some very useful Sitecore modules
which we can easily add into our solution to increase the performance and
efficiency of the system, also these module will help us to resolve the above
Why we reinventing the wheel, when Sitecore community is here
Use the power of Sitecore community – multiple Sitecore
enthusiasms have already invested their time, knowledge, experience to build
these common module and it’s available on Sitecore market place without any
cost – Yes its free..

I would like to thanks to the Sitecore community members
who develop these ready made/deployable module for the other developer’s and placed on the marketplace where developers can
easily download and embed these modules into the exiting solution.

No code development required, no addition cost required, No
additional time, it’s all free of cost.

This is the power of Sitecore community.

Below are the 5 most useful Sitecore modules which you could consider for your projects:
Sitecore Version
The module is pretty simple. Basically, it is just a
scheduled task that you can configure to remove old/unused versions from your
content tree. Additionally, if you choose, you can preserve removed item
versions in 2 ways:
  • Archiving Versions
  • Item Serialization

Stale content
The Stale Content module alerts content editors that it’s
time to review their content to make sure it says relevant.

301 redirect:
This could be one of the best tool for any web site
marketer, this module provides the flexibly to the marketer to configure 301
redirect urls on the fly using wildcard pattern as well
With the 301 Redirect module you can set up rules to manage
redirects.  By default, the module sends 301 responses, but you can send
other response codes as well.
Sitecore log
is a powerful tool for parsing Sitecore log files. It
provides the interface to explore and navigate through large amount of log

Media library
Analyze your media
library through this module, and you will get to know how much data is not
using and can easily achieved or deleted for better performance and storage.
I hope this blog will help you.

Happy Sitecoring

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