• Announced a new partnership with MongoDb, Sitecore 7.5+  The new architecture for the analytics data
    collection will use mangoDB.
  • Announced a new partnership with Coveo, Coveo is a new
    search available in Sitecore.
  • Sitecore 7.5 will be release in about 2 week.
  • Sitecore 8 should be release before the end of the year.
  • The speak UI is more living than ever.
  •  Most ot the
    applications are or will be rewrites using this new “language”
  • After the login you are redirected to the Speak Dashboard
  • It is amazing to see how far they go with this new
    personalization and content testing.
  • Sitecore 7.2+: The new publishing process is now

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