We’re about a 3 weeks away from Sitecore Symposium 2018 , taking place in Orlando, Florida this October 8-12. The event is expected to gather thousands of Sitecore Peps, along with Sitecore experts, Customers, MVPs, Executives and Developers.

If you’re planning to attend this event, then, there is a
lot to do to prepare.
And the  sessions planning” is one of the important task
which you need to plan in advance , selecting the perfect 11 sessions out of
100+ session is not an easy task at all trust me, you may want to attend all , but
time slots are limited. 

So you have to plan your sessions in a way to get most
out of the conference.

Sitecore spanned 100+ sessions into 5 track –

  • Getting started
  • Development and IT
  • Marketing strategy, innovation,
  • Sitecore optimization
  • E-commerce experience

Now, you need to choose the right track or the combination of track based on your current roles, future aspiration, interest, favorite speaker, topics etc

I am planning to attend the Development/IT and Marketing Strategy track and some of the amazing sessions occurring at the same time, so it’s really very tricky/hard to pick the right session, being considering the time slot.

But after exploring/planning a lot, I made my list of sessions, which I am going  to attend, it’s a combination of both (marketing and IT) along with some good case studies.
Here is
my 11 preferred sessions to attend in the conference

1. Topic:
Data-driven Sitecore: Getting a unified view of the customer to drive targeted
marketing experiences

Speaker: Tim Ward, CEO CluedIn
Date:      Tuesday, October 9th
Time:      11:45 – 12:30 A.M

Data is everywhere – in your back-office tools, in your
marketing platforms, and online. Unfortunately many brands are not utilizing
data properly, but crave to do so. Let us show you how you can elevate your
content management experience by activating the power of your data, resulting
in more meaningful and targeted brand experiences. In this session, we’ll show
you practical examples of what you can achieve by having a proper data
strategy. We will use a bank in Denmark
as the use case for demonstrating what can be achieved when data from across
the organization is unleashed onto Sitecore. Join us for this session and
you’ll be amazed by the amount of signals and knowledge that can be aggregated
into the xProfile and how a sales or marketing team could visibly increase
value with just a few small tricks.

Justification: I Picked
this session because of the Bank case study.

2. Topic:
Enabling your marketing team to ‘run’ with Sitecore

Speaker: Pamela King, Sitecore Strategist, TechSense Solutions
             Christine Toto,Marketing Technology Manager,PMI         
Date:      Tuesday, October 9th
Time:      12:45 – 1:30 P.M

Distributed content management is a critical goal when
implementing a new CMS, but how do you do accomplish this in a global organization?
How do you empower your teams to use the marketing tools in Sitecore including
content management, personalization, optimization, and campaign management? In
this session we will present the PMI journey from a traditional IT-led content
management approach to a self-service digital marketing model. Embracing the
“Crawl, Walk, Run” philosophy, PMI is now utilizing Sitecore’s advanced
marketing tools. We will outline the challenges we faced, the decisions we
made, the Sitecore implementation approach we took, and our operational model.

Justification: “Crawl,
Walk, Run”
philosophy – from a traditional IT-led content management
approach to a self-service digital marketing model

3. Topic: Driving innovation in the automotive customer experience: Volvo Cars digital transformation

Anthony Wickham, Digital Marketing Global Lead,Avanade
Makwana, Senior Director, Consumer Digital, Volvo
Date:     Tuesday, October 9th
Time:     2:45 – 3:30 P.M

With well over 100 years of history, the automotive industry
is considered one of the “final frontiers” for digital transformation and
e-commerce. In this session, learn how Volvo Cars is evolving its core business
and brand experience to meet the demands of modern consumers. By partnering
with Avanade and building the experience on Sitecore, Volvo Cars is
successfully delivering rich, personalized, intuitive experiences that address
the needs of its customer base. The integration of strategy, data, content, and
customer-centric UX design generate real top- and bottom-line growth; We’ll
share how Volvo is connecting these important pieces and taking a new approach
to accelerate innovation and sales.

Justification: Volvo
Cars case study on successfully delivering rich, personalized, intuitive
experiences that address the needs of its customer base.

4. Topic:
EXM Live! The magic of email automation

Pete Navarra, Director, Technical Strategy,Connective DX
Date:      Tuesday, October 9th
Time:      4:15 – 5:00 P.M

Sitecore XP’s introduction of Email Experience Manager (EXM)
in Sitecore 9 brings together the power of Marketing Automation and connected
experiences to the email inbox. Experience a live, interactive demonstration of
email automation using EXM powered by Sitecore’s Marketing Automation in a
fast-paced, audience-driven exercise. Explore the history of EXM and how to
scale out its capabilities to send millions of emails.

Justification: EXM
scalability and Pete Navarra 🙂

5. Topic: .NET
Core and 9.1 architecture

Speaker: Kern Nerskind
Nightingale, Senior Product Manager,Sitecore
Pope,Senior Technical Product Manager,Sitecore
Date:      Wednesday, October 10th
Time:      8:00 – 8.45 A.M

Underpinning the 9.1 release are a number of platform enhancements
that, while not immediately obvious, are driving the future of the Sitecore
platform. Embrace the revolution to the .NET world that .NET Core represents
and discover Sitecore’s journey from monolith to services and the benefits and
challenges encountered along the way.

Justification: What a great combination, one of my personal favorite – Kern and Stephen Pope

6. Topic: Finding value in your data: Using Sitecore’s
Analytics tools to generate business impact

Speaker: Mike Shaw, Product
Marketing Manager,Sitecore
Date:      Wednesday, October 10th
Time:      10:00 – 10.45 A.M

Sitecore xDB captures a wealth of data; however, sifting
through the data and making heads or tails of it can be overwhelming. Join this
presentation to learn how to use all the tools of Sitecore XP to identify, hunt
down, and formulate a plan of attack for opportunities within your customers.
Mike will show you how he uses a combination of Experience Analytics, Path/Page
Analyzer, xProfile as well as some lesser known nuggets to truly gain a 360°
view of your site and your customers.

Justification: Mike
will show you how he uses a combination of Experience Analytics, Path/Page
Analyzer, xProfile

7.Topic: Catching up with Google, Apple, Facebook,
and Amazon: Leveraging the right data sets to drive personalized experiences

Speaker: Derek Barka,Chief
Technology Officer,SilverTech

Patel,Chief Marketing Officer, Fulton Financial Corporation
Date:      Wednesday, October 10th
Time:      11:45 – 12.30 P.M

In this session, learn how SilverTech and Fulton Financial
Corporation utilized customer data and Sitecore to drive targeted product offerings
to qualified customer segments and next-best product cross-sell opportunities
to their existing customer base. Also learn how Lotame, a third-party data
management platform (DMP), was integrated into Sitecore to drive personalized
product offerings to anonymous visitors through audience segmenting.
SilverTech’s Chief Technology Officer, Derek Barka, will speak to how to
leverage your existing data, third-party data, and the power of Sitecore
Experience Database to deliver a personalized experience to the majority of
your site visitors.

Justification: Financial
case study

8. Topic: A practical guide to partnership between IT
and marketing

Speaker: Derek Barka,Chief
Technology Officer,SilverTech
McGuire,Sr. IT BSA,Sophos
Date:       Wednesday, October 10th
Time:       2:00 – 2.45 P.M

Here at Sophos, we’ve built a world class model for
partnership between IT teams and marketers. Our successes started with baby
steps. In this session, we’ll share our story. You’ll leave the session with
practical guides to help you on your journey to greatness. Don’t just let it
happen. Make it happen. If it’s already happening, take steps to make the
relationship between IT and marketing even better.

Justification: see
the bridge between marketing and IT, and how to make the better relationship..

9. Topic: Unlocking the power of Marketing Automation
and Email Experience Manager

Speaker: Ben Burns,Product
Nielsen,Software Architect,Sitecore
Date:      Wednesday, October 10th
Time:     3:00 – 3.45 P.M

Modern marketing is increasingly focused on the consumer and
their personalized experiences. This is done by delivering timely and engaging
content, with campaigns built around the customer lifecycle. In this session we
will look at best practice, real world scenarios and provide a technical
showcase of how to unlock the powerful functionality of Marketing Automation
and EXM. We will also showcase the ease of use, flexibility and versatility of the
EXM and Marketing Automation products, along with new features to inspire
marketers’ own campaign strategies.

Justification: real
world scenarios on marketing automation and EXM

10. Topic: Using A/B testing and personalization to
increase revenue by 22%

Speaker: Richard Lamb,Digital
Director,Red Carnation Hotels
Stephen,CEO, Sagittarius
Date:       Thursday, October 12th
Time:       9.30 – 10.15 A.M
Red Carnation Hotels (RCH) are a collection of seventeen
luxury award-winning, family-owned and run, boutique hotels in the UK, Ireland,
South Africa, Switzerland and the U.S. Sagittarius developed and delivered an
industry-leading digital campaign to increase website conversions, utilizing
personalization to ensure great digital experience from browsing to booking.

Justification : Red
Carnation Hotel, case study on A/B testing and personalization

11. Faster, faster, faster! A Helix approach to
DevOps in the light of the Sitecore micro-service architecture

Speaker: Thomas
Date:      Thursday, October 12th
Time:      10.30 – 11.15 A.M
Sitecore is no longer a monolithic Architecture but has
recently introduced a number of micro-services which has made deployments more
complex. In the spirit of Helix, we want to keep it simple and flexible to
reduce cost of maintenance and reduce time to market. The session will
introduce a scalable, decoupled, layered and technology independent approach to
DevOps which can immediately be implemented in your business. Sitecore
micro-service architecture. Configuring prerequisites and infrastructure using
Powershell, Docker containers, and/or ARM templates. Packaging techniques in a
micro service architecture. Item serialisation and database changes. Deployment
strategies, Blue/Green. Reconfiguring SIF or ARM templates.

Justification : Sitecore
9 architecture insights

1.5 Day – MVP Summit

Date: 12th and 13th October

I am Excited for my first
MVP summit with lots of good session and group discussion.

See you there..

Happy Sitecoring..

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