Sitecore Mongo DB Capability, Sitecore-Mongo DB
solved the Big Data Challenges.

First we need to
understand what is BIG DATA?

Big data is an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets
so large or complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional
data processing applications.
The challenges include analysis, capture, duration, search, sharing,
storage, transfer, visualization, and privacy violations. The trend to larger
data sets is due to the additional information derivable from analysis of a
single large set of related data, as compared to separate smaller sets with the
same total amount of data, allowing correlations to be found to “spot
business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime and so on.
It’s not all about Data but below,




Velocity – It moves extremely fast through various sources
such as online systems, sensors, social media, web click stream capture, and
other channels.
Variety – It’s made of many types of data from many sources
– structured and semi-structured, as well as unstructured (think emails, text
messages, documents and the like).
Volume – It may (but not always) involve terabytes to
petabytes (and beyond) of data.
Complexity – It must be able to traverse multiple data
centers, the cloud and geographical zones.

Now we have understand what is big data,now question arise what sitecore
face challenges without big data capability.

So below are the challenges that sitecore faced prior to 7.5x version.



In an online world where nanosecond delays can cost you sales, big data must
move at extremely high velocities no matter how much you scale or what
workloads your database must perform. The data handling hoops of RDBMS and most
NoSQL solutions put a serious drag on performance.

Continuous availability.

When you rely on big data to feed your essential, revenue-generating
24/7 business applications, even high availability is not high enough. Your
data can never go down. A certain amount of downtime is built-in to RDBMS and
other NoSQL systems.

With big data you want to be able to scale very rapidly and elastically.
Whenever and wherever you want. Across multiple data centers and the cloud if
need be. You can scale up to the heavens or shard till the cows come home with
your father’s relational database systems and never get there. And most NoSQL
solutions like MongoDB or HBase have their own scaling limitations.


Staying ahead of big data using RDBMS technology is a costly,
time-consuming and often futile endeavor. And most NoSQL solutions are plagued
by operational complexity and arcane configurations.

Data security.

Big data carries some big risks when it contains credit card
data, personal ID information and other sensitive assets. Most NoSQL big data
platforms have few if any security mechanisms in place to safeguard your big
So above is the capacity of big data that we have incorporated
in sitecore with the help of Mongo-DB integration, Mongodb integration is
available in sitecore7.5.
In my next post you can find more about mongodb implementation
with sitecore.

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