Copy all content of the sitecore tree from one language to another

If you want to migrate all the content of the siteore from
existing language to new language then below solution is fit for you.
Problem statement: my client wanted to migrate the complete
site from /fr-fr to /fr  so I had to
migrate all language version of “fr-fr” into new language version called “fr”. We
migrated more than 1 million items from FR-FR to fr with below solution:
There are three major tasks to migrate this language
  1. Export the language
  2. Change the language in file
  3. Import the language

Export language

Step1: Create new language in the system called FR only.
Step2.  Go to control
panel > globalization>

Step3. Click on export language to a file
Step4. Select the language that needs to be migrated ex.

Step5. Select the content tree that needs to be migrated. In
my case I selected the content folder as I need to migrate the complete tree,
but we can select any folder or item.

Step6. Enter the file name.

Step7 . Download the file
Step8: Open the file in notepad ++ or any editor and
replace fr-fr with fr
Step 9 : Same as replace </fr-fr> with </fr> and save the file

Step 10: Import the saved file:
Step11: Browse the file

Step12: select the new language(import)

Step13 : Finished the import dialog
Step14 : Now new language version has been created with all field value of fr-fr > go to item > language version>

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the
comments below, thanks.

Happy Sitecore

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