Sitecore: How to create
valid Item Name through programmatically in c#.
If you’re creating a new Sitecore item programmatically in
C#, the general approach is to take some piece of data from your original data
point, e.g. an events title, and customize it after removing some special
characters from title so your item name is valid in Sitecore. 
Let’s take the example of an Event’s title that contains “Siteore
Event !!..;  ”.so the Most of the
developers will remove out the invalid character’s they can think would cause
issues in Sitecore.
But instead of using your own algorithms to filter out the
string, sitecore provides one inbuilt functionality  called “ProposeValidItemName” function which
take input as a string and return the valid item name, so by using this
function we can get rid off from our own custom algorithms to create valid item
Below is the code snippet of using this function.
String eventTitle =”Event !!..”;
String ItemName = Sitecore.Data.Items.ItemUtil.ProposeValidItemName(eventTitle);
Happy coding!!!!!

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