Copyfield tokenizer module will help you to copy the field’s
value with the help of token. You need to set the token as fieldname with
prefix of $ in the fieldvalue like default sitecore field token. It’s a best practice
to set in the standard value of the template.

We have given one customized button in the ribbon called “Copy
Field Value” with the help of this button; you can replace the field name token
with field value.

Scenario; that we have the multiple fields in the template
with same values like
  • Title
  • Breadcrumb title
  • Page title
  • Sometimes other fields that required the default value as “Title”

So In this scenario content editor need to copy the content
from one field to another manually, and if the field type are RTE or IMAGE then
it became time taken process.

So just thought about the automation this process so content
editor life became easy for this task.

I created this module which is capable to copy the
field values based on token, all we need to do to set the template standard field
value with base field name as a token.

Let suppose I need to copy the field value from ”title Field”
to breadcrumb title and page title field so in this case I need to set the standard
field value of breadcrumb title and page title field as below:

Then go to the item, populate the title field value and
other fields and press the “copy filed
button from the ribbon, so it will replace the fieldname token with field

In this example we have base fields called title (single
line), text (RTE), and image (Image).

And we want to copy these field in the breadcrumb title,page title,page Image fields.

So we filled these value as $title, $text, $Image, so that it
can be replace with token field value.

Just have a look of item:

Title, Text, Image fields has been filled with data.

Breadcrumb Title, page title, page Image fields has been filled
with standard field value tokens

After click on Copy field value button, token has been
replaced with field value:

How to use this module:
Go to template and set the tokens in the standard field:

How to create the token:
$ + FieldName : for example you want to copy from Title field so token would be $Title


I Hope this article will help.

Happy sitecoring 🙂

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