Today I am going to share my Experience with Sitecore Experience Commerce Training and Certification

I have been working with Sitecore from last 10+ years starting with version 5.3, but never got the chance to work on Sitecore experience commerce, however, I have been working other E-Commerce systems – Hybris, U-commerce etc, but not with Sitecore XP, Recently we got some project of Sitecore Commerce , so I thought it’s a good chance to learn the Sitecore Commerce first so I would have a deep understanding of the product architecture design and core concepts, so I can assist the right approach and architecture to the development team.

So I started exploring the way to learn the Sitecore Commerce, in this ERA, you can find lots of materials online through youtube videos, blogs, online webinar etc, thanks to Sitecore Community who always contributes the problems, learnings, experience online where you can get the start reference and extend your learning.

Once, I went through the multiple online blogs and youtube videos, then, I thought to take the official Sitecore Commerce Training and get certified, so I started exploring the training material and online courses and below are the path to go through step by step, there are a total of 3 training required to complete Sitecore Commerce Training, You can take 2 training online however, you have to attend 3rd training(300) in the classroom only.

Below is the online training, its recommended to take this online training in sequence before starting the actual classroom training:

  • Sitecore Experience Commerce Overview – 100
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0 – 200

The above training was easy and you can easily find online and complete it online only, the real challenge comes once you start looking for classroom training which is 300 training of Sitecore Commerce, because it is classroom only training, and the location is the big hurdle in this training.

As I am living in the DUBAI, and I didn’t find any training near my location, I have to fly all the way to Munich, Germany to attend this training ( but it was a good trip) So the point is, you have to plan in advance to book this training, as per my information, the frequent training happens only in Europe(UK, Berlin, Munich) and the USA, so if you are not living nearby this location, then Its time to apply for your visa and plan your training in advance along with your vacation.

I got the chance to fly to Munich to attend this training, I have successfully completed all the Sitecore commerce training(100, 200, 300) and got certified.

Special thanks to my Trainer Mike Mavrofrides( who came all the way from the USA to Munich to deliver this training, he is a very cool guy and very beautifully handled all the query during the workshop.

He is a very cool guy and handled all the queries during the workshop. Also, I would extend my thanks to my Company who sponsored this whole training and Munich Trip!

I would highly recommend this training to every Sitecore developer who wants to start the new Sitecore Commerce Project.

Step 1 – Sitecore Platform Essentials for Developers


Every Sitecore developer should have Sitecore certification before starting any live project, Developer can obtain this certification after attending the online or offline training.


.Net Framework, MVC, SQL Server

2-3 years of working experience using application

Content Outline 

  • Module 1: Introducing the Sitecore® Experience Platform
  • Module 2: Creating the Site’s Content Structure
  • Module 3: Creating the Site’s Presentation
  • Module 4: Increasing Component Reusability
  • Module 5: Applying Navigation Practices Within the Site
  • Module 6: Configuring and Extending Sitecore
  • Module 7: Working with Complex Fields
  • Module 8: Implementing Search-Driven Components

For more information –

Step 2 – Sitecore Experience Commerce Overview – 100 Overview

Once, you are Sitecore certified, this is the first step you should consider in the path of Sitecore commerce certification, this course will provide an informative overview of the key concepts and features of Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9.0


This is a foundation-level course for marketers, merchandisers,

ASP. NET MVC web developers, and solution architects

Content Outline 

  • Getting Familiar with Sitecore Experience Commerce™
  • Managing the Catalog
  • Tracking Customers and Their Orders
  • Increasing Sales with Marketing

Step 3 – Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0 – 200 Overview

This is the second e-learning course in the Sitecore commerce training series, this e-learning course provides in-depth knowledge of Sitecore Experience commerce system. The Sitecore Experience Commerce™courses expand your knowledge ensuring you have the right competencies for using Sitecore Experience Commerce™


This is an intermediate-level curriculum for ASP.NET MVC developers and

solution architects with advanced C# skill, It is recommended that students have taken the Sitecore

Experience Commerce™ Overview course.

Content Outline 

  • Gaining an Insight into the Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Architecture
  • Developing Storefronts Using Sitecore Commerce APIs
  • Developing Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Storefront Pages Using SXA
  • Working with Sellable Items
  • Testing the Checkout Process
  • Extending the Sitecore Commerce Engine
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Documentation and Support

For more information –

Step 4 – Sitecore Experience Commerce-300  (Class Room Training)Overview

This is the 4-day classroom training, dedicated for Sitecore experience commerce concepts, architecture, coding, SXA external pricing systems (ERP) integration, custom search listing for Sitecore SxA Storefront, importing and exporting of products, best practices for pushing orders to an ERP, custom commerce personalization rule creation, and more

This training provides you with the complete product information with practical/hands-on experience 


This is an advanced-level course for ASP.NET MVC web developers and solution architects with advanced C# skills with minimum 2-3 years of experience 

Content Outline 

  • Discuss the technical features of Sitecore XC 9.0.2
  • Build a storefront using SxA
  • Explain the benefits of SxA
  • Create custom enhancements to the Sitecore XC 9.0.2 environment

For more information –


I hope this article will help you to find the Sitecore commerce Training Roadmap

Happy Sitecoring

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