Are you following the below post and getting the error called: ‘SXAModuleFullPath’ because it is null

No worries –

  • Go to the PowerShell scripts
  • Go to the variables called 

SXACommerceModuleFullPath,SXAStorefrontModuleFullPath,SXAStorefrontThemeModuleFullPath, SXAStorefrontCatalogModuleFullPath

And change the value to provide the full path with file name(your file directory) instead of * as below:

SXACommerceModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path “C:AshishSitecoreSoftwaresc910_com_installSitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator”

SXAStorefrontModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path “C:AshishSitecoreSoftwaresc910_com_installSitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefront”

SXAStorefrontThemeModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path “C:AshishSitecoreSoftwaresc910_com_installSitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Storefront Themes”

SXAStorefrontCatalogModuleFullPath = Resolve-Path -Path “C:AshishSitecoreSoftwaresc910_com_installSitecore Commerce Experience Accelerator Habitat Catalog*.zip”

Hope this will solve your issue.

Happy Sitecoring and Commerce.

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