This series is divided into four parts:
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 1 – How
to Setup Sitecore 9 EXM in 5 Minutes
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 2 – Explore Sitecore 9 EXM Reporting
Sitecore 9 EXM Guide: Part 3 – Personalize Your Emails with
Sitecore EXM Tokens

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Setup Your First Email With Sitecore 9 EXM in 5 Minutes
Are we really done with Setup the First Email ? No, where is the Report? Without
Reporting, marketing is incomplete, so here we go to track and analyze the
recent send campaign:
Go to the EXM > Reports > sent email campaigns >
select your campaign

Click on First_email link, it will open the complete

In this dashboard, you can explore each and everything
regarding your email campaign for example – your email open rate, click rate,
value and engagement , email campaign preview etc..

I haven’t open any emails, that’s why its not showing any
open rate, let me open some emails:

I just open couple of email, now let’s see in the report

As you can see in the above image, unique opens now start tracking
in the report.

Click on the First_email > it will go to the dashboard.

Click on Recipient activity, under this tab, there is a
table called “Open and Click rates” at the bottom.

In this list, you can see all the people who opened the
email, Time of day , bounced etc..

Also, you can track the Technology attribute of the email
campaign, means who is your target platform customer –

  • Information of computer or mobile email user?
  • Which browser people are using more to open the email?
  • Which operating system they are using?

Just navigate to the overview tab > technology section

You can also track the value, engagement and landing page
performance, if you have the landing page of the website which is linked from
the email.

For More Information, Please check Sitecore Blog:

I Hope This Article will help you..

Happy Sitecoring..

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