Setup sitecore development environment with visual studio,
The very first question popup in developer mind, how to
setup sitecore developer environment to start the sitecore project, so the
solution is here.
Thanks to Microsoft for such a great product called visual studio for dotnet folks.
So here we are going to know how to setup sitecore developer box.
Below are the 2 way to work with sitecore:
  • Your solution, code are fully coupled with the Sitecore Web
    Site( default installation path).
  • Your solution, code
    are exists outside theSitecore’s web site location and we can use some post
    build process to deploy in sitecore folder.

Step by Step: Creation Visual Studio solution for sitecore
(using 2012)
1. Go to visual studio > File > New > Project >ASP.NET Empty Web Application project

     2. Give any desired location and same name as
sitecore instance name with uncheck Create
directory for solution

3.Copy the below files from the newly created project location:

  Properties folder
  csproj file
  csproj.user file

1      4. Paste the above file in sitecore instance
website folder.

Default installation of sitecorein “C:inetpubwwwrootSitecore71Website”
this location.

For demo purpose I have created sitecore site assitecore71 name.

open the .csproj file that is Sitecore71.csproj
from your sitecore instance location that is located in    C:inetpubwwwrootSitecore71Website

delete the /Web.config/Web.Debug.config and the
/Web.config/Web.Release.config file from the project

Add references toSitecore assemblies (Sitecore.Client.dll,Sitecore.Kernel.dll
or other desired dlls.)

Set the “Copy Local” property on each
of those assemblies to “false”.

Add a folder “App_ConfigInclude” and add
basic config file.

All visual studio setting has been done!!

Now there are also ways to keep your solution outside the
default sitecore installation, with the help of below mechanism,
By publishing
By build coping
I hope this blog is useful to you  to setup sitecore development environment
Feel free to provide your inputs.
Happy Coding !!!




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