You are worried because you have added all the fields in the
template and it’s coming in the item correctly but it’s not coming in the field
collection with the below code implementation:
foreach (Field field in Item.Fields)
  //field value
Also when you call the item field explicit using below code, its
coming correctly, then why it’s not coming in the field collection. Yes you are
right everything is right except your field value is blank or still set as the
standard value only.
string fieldvalue 
= Sitecore.
Yes if the sitecore item field value is blank or set as standard
value then it’s not fully instantiated in the field collection
by default. So what is the solution??
No worries just one line code will resolve your problem; yes put
this below line of code before calling the field collection code as below:
Item item = Sitecore.Context.Item;
foreach (Field field in Item.Fields)
  //field value
Yuppy..Now all field is coming in the field collection(including
the blank value field)
Hope this article will help you.
Happy sitecoring…

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