Are you facing Redis Max Memory issue/Error on Sitecore
Azure PaaS
Are you using the Redis web apps for Sitecore Sessions
storage, as Sitecore is configured Redis by default when you roll out the
Sitecore Paas environment, all the sessions are stored in the distributed approach
which means all the CD servers/Containers can connect with the same Redis
Storage to avoid the inconsistency of the server and provide the omnichannel experience
which means – if you connect from mobile and then website from a browser, Sitecore
can maintain the session.
So far, we understand why Redis is important for Sitecore
PaaS environment, but there is a problem as well when you talk about the “Power
of Cloud/Containerization” which means you can scale up the environment/web
servers on the fly within seconds based on your traffic, but behind the scene
you are running only one Redis server with a minimum capacity of connection and
For example, you scaled up 10 CD server which means you can
handle the more traffic from the frontend, but still, you are running with C1 Redis Server
configuration for session management which allows only 1GB cache Size and 1000
connections only.
If you are facing the same problem, the below could be the
1. Increase the Redis Plan from C1 to C2 or C3 based on your
existing configuration
Cons – you need to pay more for a higher plan, please check
the price list before upgrading.
2. Change the session management from OutProc to InProc
Note – there are
prons and cons for both the approach, please check this article for more
What we have done:
As we were not using the omnichannel Setup, we jumped from
out-proc to In-Proc solution as we have high traffic websites (More CD servers)
and we are not creating the contacts (kinds of disabling the analytics). So if we
had to go with Redis then we had to pay 4-5 times what we are paying now, so we
decided to switch the Out-Proc to In-Proc.
Please note – all the cases are different depending on the
situation and architecture of the solution, so please be careful before
changing any existing approach.
 I hope this article will help you to solve this issue, Please let me know if you have any specific issue.
Happy Sitecoring

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